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  • How does Temperature and Humidity alert work?

    Waggle Pet Monitor will continuously monitor temperature and humidity 24/7 and send you alerts via text and email when the ambient temperature or humidity goes above or below the set threshold.

  • How does Power Loss Alert work?

    When Waggle Pet Monitor is unplugged, it starts to work on Battery mode. This will trigger a Power Loss Alert via text and email, based on your Subscription plan.

  • How does Power Recovery Alert work?

    When your Waggle Pet Monitor returns to run on the Power mode, the Power Recovery Alert will be sent via text and email based on your Subscription plan.

    Note: To receive Power Recovery Alerts, the Waggle Pet Monitor must be plugged into the charger and always powered ON.

  • How does Low Battery Alert work?

    When your Waggle Pet Monitor runs lower than the preset battery level, the Low Battery Alert will be sent via text and email, based on your subscription plan.

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  • How can I extend my Waggle Pet Monitor’s battery life?

    Your Waggle Pet Monitor will monitor temperature, humidity, and other factors 24/7 and update you based on the set time frequency. Your battery period will extend if the alert frequency is set at an extended period. (Changing the Alert Frequency is just one of the ways to extend the Waggle Pet Monitor’s battery life. To increase the battery life even longer, extend the time of the report interval by reaching the Waggle Customer Delight Team at )

  • What is the last Reporting Interval?

    Waggle Pet Monitor will monitor the temperature 24/7 and send reports every 15 minutes. It also sends instant alerts whenever the temperature breaches the threshold and keeps sending your reminder alerts based on the alert frequency until the temperature is restored to normal.

    Your Waggle Pet Monitor will not send you alerts even if you refresh the app if the temperature is maintained within the set range. For example, if the Waggle Pet Monitor reports at 10 AM in your app, the following reporting time will be after 15 mins which is 10.15 AM. If the temperature breaches the set value at 10.10 AM, your Waggle Pet Monitor will immediately alert you via text, email, and app based on your Subscription plan.

  • Will I get alerts on temperature breaches in between when the alert frequency is at 2 hours?

    Waggle Pet Monitor will monitor the temperature and humidity 24/7 and send you alerts every 60 minutes by default. The user can customize the alert frequency from 30 minutes. You will get an instant alert when the temperature or humidity goes above/below the setpoint, even though your alert frequency is set for 2 hours.


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