Pet Monitor Subscription Plans

Over 30,000+ Pet Parents trust Waggle to save their Fidos from both hot & cold temperatures.


$49 $29


$174 $119 $20/mo


$348 $199 $16.5/mo

Summer Offer

2 Year

$696 $299 $12.5/mo

Waggler Plan Benefits

You’ll need a subscription plan to use your Waggle Pet Monitor.

Temperature alerts, Humidity alerts, Power Loss / Recovery alerts, Network alerts, and Low Battery alerts.

Unlimited (Text, Email)


Add up to 4 members

Only on Pet Monitor GPS.

Note: Subscribe to a plan based on the number of devices added with your Waggle Pet app.

Freqently Asked Questions

We get that you might have a few questions about our subscription plans. So here's how it works: If the answer to your question isn't on this list, just ask away, and we will respond ASAP with an updated FAQ page for you

I just paid for my subscription. When will my Pet Monitor start sending me alerts?

Please note it will take 24 – 48 hours to activate the Pet Monitor once you have made the subscription payment.
Note: Keep your Pet Monitor plugged in for 2-3 hours to get fully charged.

Can I upgrade my plan from Half-Yearly to a Yearly/ 2 Years plan?

Yes, you can upgrade from Half-Yearly to yearly/2 Years plan at any time. The remaining days in your current plan will be carried forward to your new plan when you upgrade.

I subscribed in 2021 before the change in the plans' model. Can I be able to continue with my current plan, or do I have to switch?

If you subscribed in 2021 and enabled auto-renewal, you can continue with your existing plan model.
You will only be switched to the new plan model when you change your subscription plan or reactivate your plan.

Can I use my own cellular account for a subscription?

You cannot add/link your existing cellular account with Waggle Pet App subscription. Pet Monitor comes with a pre-activated data plan which cannot change.